“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD.

Hello! My name is J. Suthern Hicks and I’m pleased you found me here on Apologetics With Me. I hope you will take the time to introduce yourself or at the very least offer an opinion, comment, or insight into what I’ve been exploring. This blog is a result of having studied apologetics, major world religions, and the Holy Bible for over twenty years.  I’m steadily growing in my faith and understanding – adding an ever growing number of reasons to believe.  I am not, however, always right.  So please, if you have insight and wisdom that surpasses my own, by all means share.  Words of encouragement are fine as well.  But whatever the case may be, all glory and praise to the Divine Creator.

  • I strive to write this blog as if each post were a tiny chapter of a book. Thus, posts are best read in order and category.  A complete list of articles can be found under “Article List” next to the “Home” tab under the lion’s nose.

Definitions of Apologetics:

  • Christian apologetics (from the Greek ἀπολογία, “speaking in defense”) aims to present a scientific, historical, prophetic, and archeological basis  for the Christian faith.  Apologetics also seeks to defend the faith against objections, and expose the flaws of other religions. – J.Suthern Hicks
  • “A ministry designed to help unbelievers to overcome intellectual obstacles to conversion and believers to remove doubts that hinder spiritual growth.” -J.P. Moreland
  • 1: Systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine).   2: A branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity. – Merriam Webster
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_apologetics – Wikipedia


Published works:

I recently published my first novel which is available for purchase on Amazon and also for free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It’s called Where the Garden Begins.

My children’s book, Charlie and Chocolate’s Purrfect Prayer, is also available on Amazon.

7 Responses to “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD.

  1. Jeff will you check to make sure I am registered now. The information all seems to be entered correctly.

  2. Peggy Angeline says:

    That’s much better. I see now that we are reading the writings from the worst of ten to the 10th worst. Right? I have only read the first one because I got confused. I’m anxious to red the others. Good job.

    • Yes. Come to think of it, I see your point. I should have started with number ten – counting down to number one. I was too busy thinking about writing the post instead of the logical order of them. But personally, I would not have put them in that order to start with. Actually, let’s face it, there are so many Bible verses that can be construed in a negative light…this series could be endless. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  3. I log on to your blog though FB.

  4. Bardy says:

    Bertrand Russell said one reason he’s not a christian is because you no longer have to believe in a beginning to the universe. Who’d a thunk that almost all main stream scientists would have abandoned the steady state theory and believe in a beginning. Even my so called informed atheist friends mistakenly think that the entire scientific community is behind them just as they wrongly assume that Einstein was an atheist.

  5. Fritz Wanker says:

    i just hafta say that yall’s new thingy on psalm 137 is the most brilliant writing i ever heard of in my entire life. ever! & hoo ever wrote it shuld be given a Noel peace prize 4 writing or whatever!
    no foolin!

  6. Servant says:

    Stay strong – keep contending for the faith. 😉

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