Men…with men; The sixth worst Bible passage.

The following paragraphs are a commentary in regards to Romans 1:27; “In the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error.”

What have you not heard in regards to the Bible and homosexuality?  What are you willing to hear? Let’s dive in with no apologies, no compromise, lots of love, respect, and truth.  Here goes…Is being homosexual a sin?  An identity is not a sin.  Is being a non-virgin a sin?  What we have become or a state of being is not a sin.  An action, a thought, or a way of behaving is a sin.  Can a man that has had sex with a man go to heaven? Yes. Can someone who has had sex outside of marriage go to heaven. Yes.  However, in heaven, according to the Bible, there will be no sexual thoughts.  No one will be married or divorced. Sexuality is an earthly gift that will not only be unnecessary in heaven but also undesired.  Therefore there will be no homosexuals in heaven, but there will be no heterosexuals in heaven either.

Most would agree that there are sexual behaviors that are sinful, bad, or wrong.  And we all do things that fall into the category of bad or wrong.  Not one of us is perfect.  Heaven, however, is a perfect place. If heaven exists and some of us will be there, how can heaven still be perfect?  The tiniest imperfection destroys a universe of purity.  Here in lies the problem. How can an imperfect person go to a perfect place and that place retain perfection?  It is not possible.  Common sense and all the analytical thinking skills in the world will lead you to one conclusion…it is impossible.

Regardless if you are gay, straight, a eunuch, or celibate you are imperfect and cannot go to heaven.  Period.  But God, creator of all, has time and time again conquered the impossible.  Only He and He alone has done so.  God decided to put a covering over us in order to cleanse our imperfections so they cannot be seen by anyone, even Himself.  In essence, we have the chance to be perfect because of this robe draped over us.  Where can one get this “covering”?  We ask God for it by repenting of those things God designated as sin.  Repenting means to recognize the wrong in something you have done and be sorry about it. It also means turning away from the sin. We declare our apology and ask to be covered.  If we trust God and believe in His provision for salvation, we ask him to erase our sins forever.

Jesus is God’s provision.  Jesus took all of our imperfections upon himself and when he was killed on the cross, all the sins and imperfections died with him.  We either accept that we are sinners and our sins were erased by the most powerful being to ever have walked the earth or not.  We are small and weak and we need someone to wipe our butts.  God was not beneath doing so.  He wiped us clean by dying the most painful way ever recorded in history.  You either believe that or you don’t.  Your choice. For the remainder of the discussion two assumptions will be made.  The first is that there is one true creator God and He is revealed in the Bible.  The second is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, breathed by the Holy Spirit and good for teaching, reproof and is infallible.  At this point if you are a nonbeliever you may as well stop reading.  The remainder is for those that believe – if you don’t, stop now, don’t waste your time.

The Bible is clear.  Stop whining about what is called sin.  Life is not fair but God is.  Even if you think the Bible is not so clear on sin, I urge you to err on the side of caution.  Being cautious, let’s say that the act of homosexuality is a sin.  We could talk about all the other sins of the Bible like gluttony, divorce, premarital sex, lustful thinking, lying, stealing, but this was the verse that was chosen as the sixth worst – so we are specifically talking about sex with the same sex.  It’s a sin.  Period.  Sin. Sin. Sin.  Quit whining, protesting, and bitching about it.  We all have sinful stuff we want to do every second of the day.  Where do you get off claiming yours is the hardest burden to bear? The fact is you too are a sinner and you too need the provision of a savior to make you perfect.  Yes, you  too can have that covering.

Some people like to pick out homosexuality in the Bible because they feel it is something people are born with and something that cannot be changed.  Other people like to harp on homosexuality because they seem to think it is the worst sin of all. The Bible does not care if you were born a homosexual or not.  The Bible does not debate on why people act the way they act; just that certain acts are sinful. If we start picking and choosing what we think shouldn’t be a sin –  where do we stop?  Read the Bible – practically every pursuit of mankind is sinful.  Get over it.  You’re a sinner!  And guess what.  The homosexual is no worse or better than any other sinner.  The only sinner that is worse is the one who denies the need for a Savior.  God does not ask or expect any sinner to change before they seek Him.  Seek Him first and allow His love to change you when and how He sees fit.  But don’t redefine God to accommodate your desires.  See Him for how He revealed Himself in the Word.  All of us change with love.  Some of us change a lot and others change slowly and not as much.  If, however, you are so prideful that you don’t want to acknowledge that you are a sinner, have a need to change, or you don’t have any desire to be affected by His love, then so be it.  The choice is yours, but don’t expect the Bible to conform to you just as the Bible does not force you to conform to it.

The Bible clearly tells us what sin is and it also tells us how to be free and clear of the judgment of sin.  Either you want the free gift of love that was given to you without prejudice or you want to be so prideful as to make God in your own image.  You have free choice to do either but know that life on this planet is very short, ninety years if we are lucky.  Eternity is unimaginable.  Are you going to pick the ninety years to define you or are you going to plan for the eternity that awaits?  The worst possible combination in all of humanity is hell and eternity.  Eternity in hell.

Seek God out.  The Bible says to test all things and to hold onto that which is good.  It’s the only religious book in the world that makes such a claim.  No where does the Bible call for a blind faith.  Go ahead and Test.  In the mean time let me repeat the first few sentences of this post: “…Is being homosexual a sin?  An identity is not a sin.  Is being a non-virgin a sin?  What we have become or a state of being is not a sin.  An action, a thought, or a way of behaving is a sin.  Can a man that has had sex with a man go to heaven? Yes. Can someone who has had sex outside of marriage go to heaven. Yes. Thank you Jesus.

A website with some worthwhile information:

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12 Responses to Men…with men; The sixth worst Bible passage.

  1. Sherri Perry says:

    Sin is sin, it is all bad no matter what it is. Judging others is sin and is just as bad as adultery. When you seek God, you will find that you want to do your best for Him. After all, He created you!

  2. Reblogged this on United to Save America and commented:
    Please read this entire post without any preconceived notions or prejudices. The author has made some wonderful statements and observations. There is a point where the author advises the non-believers to stop reading, please do not stop. The entire post is beneficial for everyone. Some wording may strike deep and true, but sometimes the truth can do that.

  3. This was very well written. We are all sinners and need to accept Christ and repent of our sins. We are however not judges. It is within the heart of the sinner how he chooses to live. Only God Himself is the Judge and we will all HAVE to face Him on day. It is our choice how we want God to judge us.
    The only point on which I somewhat disagree with is that of Faith. You say that the Bible does not any where mention Blind Faith, but is it not Blind Faith to believe and trust without seeing?

  4. Hi Peggy, Thanks again for the thoughtful response to my post. I have done a lot of thinking and studying on Judgement and I think we often misinterpret what God means by people judging one another. I found a good commentary on it at : , when you have time please read and let me know what you think. Iron sharpens iron! Also, I found a great article on “Blind Faith.” . I don’t mean to pass it off on another writer but these other people said it better than I could. Again, when you have time please read both articles and let me know what you think. I love talking about this stuff with you. I know God loves it too! Oh, if the links don’t come up, you can cut and paste into the browser.

  5. On the first commentary. I guess I haven’t read much lately. When I was at Set Free and saw what was happening there I did in fact read the Bible and found passages such as are mentioned in the commentary. I approached the Pastor with scripture in a manner described as calling the leader or teacher to accountability. The Bible said to approach him alone first and if he was defiant or became angry that I should then gather friends and confront him as a group. This is what is supposed to be the protocol in any well organized Church. The leader has to be accountable to his followers and his followers should approach him in such a manner as not to be judging him but in concern for the best of all the congregation including himself. I have a book that you should read. It is called “The Three Kings” and describes the difference between a man who has truely been anointed internally to lead and the man who has decided he wants to be a leader. They are both anointed but one is called and one has chosen.

    I have probably gotten completely off the subject, but my intent was to point out that I realize there is a difference between Judging someone and lovingly pointing out someones wrong or sinful behavior.

    Love you.

    • Yes, I agree Peggy. We can judge the actions or behaviors of someone (with careful consideration and contemplation) but we can’t or should not judge their heart – only God can do that. And it would be great if more people (churches) followed the protocol you mentioned above instead of gossiping and defaming.

  6. Well that second one certainly set me straight. I still do believe though that when a nonbeliever is saved that he has to trust without vision until he does begin to read and understand the Bible. Great articles. Thanks.

  7. I agree with you 100% here and you stated it well. That’s how I was. I believed first with only a modicum of understanding and later started to really investigate God. I think most people go this route with fewer really investigating first and then believing.

  8. Don says:

    We have gotten away from what God believes. I am all about that, because it really doesn’t matter what I believe, only that I trust and obey what He says. God gave all people choice. Homosexuality is not an identity, it is a choice. We, as christians, can love the sinner, but hate the choices. God does not hate sinners, because Jesus hung out with them. God is so clever!!! He IS love. Look at Jesus and you will see God’s attitude toward man. The bible says “we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. We, alone, are accountale to God on the day of judgement.. Jesus came to forgive our sins. WE NEED A SAVIOR! God made the way for us, let’s follow HIM!

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