Israel, Palestine, Islam, and the rest of us.

For far too long my understanding of the Middle East has been relegated to the scattered and often biased reporting of a mainstream media that seems even less informed than myself.  It’s true that up until the last few years I have undertaken very little reading or study of these topics myself.  But in light of a recent inner yearning to understand why two little dots on the globe and a supposed peaceful religion have the entire world on edge, I have decided to jump in the water head first.  What exactly is Israel?  Is Israel a new country, a group of people without claim to a nation, or a strange combination of things far to removed from my world view to even comprehend?  Then there’s that place called Palestine, but what constitutes Palestine and how did it come to exist?  But perhaps most important of all, what does Islam have to do with these two entities?  After all, isn’t Islam just another one of the world’s religions that supports peace and love or is it a religion that is represented in truth by the many suicide bombers also known as Muslim extremists that profess it’s allegiance to Allah?

Over the course of the next few months I am going to attempt to concisely relay my understanding of the aforementioned subjects. Yes, make no mistake, as much as I will strive to be objective, when all is said and done the analysis will be my own.  However, I’m not too unlike most of you reading this blog and therefore I’m confident my understanding and point of reference will not be too far removed from your own.

The discipline of apologetics encourages us to give reasons for why we believe what we believe. So much of what is going on in the world today is influenced strongly by the affairs of the Middle East and for those of us that wish to coherently discuss politics and religion, we must gain a better understanding of the foundation of this influence.  Otherwise we speak out of ignorance or at the least from a limited amount of knowledge.  It is my hope that after this series of posts we will all be better equipped to come from a place of understanding and confidence about Israel, Palestine, and Islam.

Much of my understanding of the Middle East has come from several books – the most influential being “Judgment Day” by Dave Hunt. I have also scoured the internet, other books including (but not limited to) the Bible, and the Koran to gain the best perspective of that which I write.  I hope you will come back to read, comment on, and share my attempts at understanding the seemingly complicated world of Israel, Palestine, and Islam.

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  1. Maria says:

    Sounds interesting!

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