30 Seconds to Mars: Lucifer Power Fame

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video "Attack"

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video “Attack”

This entry onto the pages of Apologetics With Me is more for me than you, perhaps, but there might be one soul other than myself that will get something fruitful from a brief glimpse into the heart and soul of the music group 30 Seconds to Mars. If somehow you happened upon this obscure blog entry, maybe you were just that other person that will benefit from my exploration. If you have not read the previous entries in the category “Music: A New Paradigm,” please take the time to catch up either before or after reading this one.

Up until a few months ago 30 Seconds to Mars was one of my favorite bands. I liked their melodies, choruses, rhythms, and overall production quality and sound.  I even liked their lyrics. I’m a guy that pays attention to the word, or at least I thought I did. Words are important. Jesus Christ himself was the Word as explained by John Chapter 1.  The word defines everything for us humans. Helen Keller herself was only “free” after she understood her first word; “Someone was drawing water and my teacher placed my hand under the spout. As the cool stream gushed over one hand she spelled into the other the word water, first slowly, then rapidly. I stood still, my whole attention fixed upon the motions of her fingers. Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of something forgotten–a thrill of returning thought; and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew then that “w-a-t-e-r” meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. That living word awakened my soul, gave it light, hope, joy, set it free!” (Helen Keller the Story of my Life Part 1). Never be deceived, the word is everything.

So while I still like the melodies, choruses, rhythms, and overall production quality and sound of 3S2M, I have come to despise their lyrics – the words they have chosen to define what they want to communicate to the listener. They are no longer my favorite band and I consciously choose to turn the dial when their music comes on the airwaves. I have disposed of their CD’s and will speak against them to anyone that will listen to my words. I would respect 3S2M as a creative entity, even while disliking their allegiances, if only they would choose to be forthright about what they are communicating.  Instead, it seems to me, they cloak their messages somewhat obscurely and place subliminal messages, the opposite of overt, into their visual presentations. So rather than having their cloaked words infiltrating my mind with messages against the God I overtly support, I have chosen to hear them for who they truly are – a group that worships the Antichrist. But don’t let me be the soul judge, decide for yourself.  I have provided a few excerpts from their songs and links to a few of their videos.

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video "Attack"

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video “Attack”

I truly believe that everyone, especially self professing Christians, need to do a better job of scrutinizing what they are allowing into their brains. As demonstrated in my previous posts, music is very pervasive and quite influential. Pay attention to anyone and everyone you listen to, especially songs that may be seemingly innocuous. They’re not.  Songs use words to communicate meanings, feelings, and ideas and we listen to them over and over and over.

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video "Attack"

30 Seconds to Mars Subliminal Text from the video “Attack”

The pictures included above were taken from my computer monitor with my iPhone 3Gs.  Because I am often a doubting Thomas – not believing everything I see and hear, I went to find out from the official 30 Seconds to Mars VEVO video if the rumors were true.  I did not expect the images to actually be there. Well, I was shocked. The pictures above were taken by me after pausing the video at the appropriate times.  They are real, but it took a little work to catch them.  I have included similar pictures below (also taken by me) in order to show it was indeed their official video page.

I have one favor to ask.  After you contemplate what you have read above and what you will see and read below, please don’t think that this is an isolated  world view confined to a group known as 30 Seconds to Mars. The point is that there are many bands and artists that subscribe to the same or similar ideologies.  Every artist has something they want to share – preach, if you will.  Please scrutinize the messages they are preaching to you, whether it be poetic whispers amongst beautiful melodies or a boisterous bellow  in a triumphant chorus…What was simply a passing lyric one day may end up being a mantra the next.

Sample lyrics by 30 Seconds to Mars

100 Suns:

“I believe in nothing
Not the end and not the start
I believe in nothing
Not the earth and not the stars

I believe in nothing
Not the day and not the dark
I believe in nothing
But the beating of our hearts

I believe in nothing
One hundred suns until we part
I believe in nothing
Not in sin and not in God”

Night of the Hunter:

“I was born of the womb of a poisonous man
Beaten and broken and chased from the land
But I rise up above it, high up above it and see
I was hung from the tree made of tongues of the weak
The branches were bones of liars and thieves
Rise up above it, high up above and see

Pray to your god, open your heart
Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the dark
Cover your eyes, the devil inside…

Blessed by a bitch from a bastard’s seed
Pleasure to meet you but prepare to bleed
Rise, I’ll rise, I’ll rise
Skinned her alive, ripped her apart
Scattered her ashes, buried her heart
Rise up above it, high up above and see

Pray to your god, open your heart
Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the dark
Cover your eyes, the devil inside”

Stranger in a Strange Land:

“Enemy of mine
Fuck you like the devil
Violent inside
Beautiful and evil
I’m a ghost
You’re an angel
One that was saved
Just remains of an age

Lost in the daydream
What do you see
If you’re looking for Jesus
Get on your knees

Enemy of mine
I’m just a stranger in a strange land
Running out of time
Better go go go

Angel or a demon
It came from my soul
I’m Guilty of treason
A Vatican’s son


Angels coming
Everybody run
Everybody run
You wanna live forever tonight
Gonna live forever

Kings and Queens:

” The age of man is over. A darkness comes and all These lessons that we’ve learned here Have only just begun . We were the kings and queens of promise. We were the victims of ourselves Maybe the children of a lesser God.  Between heaven and hell. We are the kings. We are the queens. We are the kings. We are the queens…”

This is War:

“A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest.
This is war.
To the leader, the pariah, the victim, the messiah.
This is war.

It’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie.
The moment to live and the moment to die.
The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight…”


“So here we are, the witching hour
The quickest tongue to divide and devour
Divide and devour

If I could end the quest for fire
For truth, for love, for my desire

My desire.”

Links to videos and images you might find interesting:


I’m not really versed on the Illuminati, but I know some people are interested; the following link makes a connection with 3s2M and the Illuminati (take it for what it’s worth, if you are interested):


Pictures showing they were taken from the official 30 Seconds to Mars YouTube/VEVO page.

lucifer with page infopower with page infofame with page info

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39 Responses to 30 Seconds to Mars: Lucifer Power Fame

  1. Daniel says:

    Even if they are worshipping the devil , who cares ? 😀

    • Suthern says:

      The simple answer, I care. The more complicated answer lies within the post itself.

      • talya2312 says:

        Why do you care? You think they are the only ones, most of the celebrities that you like are in to things like this. You make the CHOICE to buy into what they are selling. No one is forcing you.

      • Suthern says:

        Again, the reasons that I care are clearly delineated in the post. And I could not agree with you more; it is a choice to buy into what they are selling. However, like a used car, you don’t always know what you are getting unless it’s fully disclosed, or you have a good mechanic check it out first. And true again, no one is forcing anything, as I am not forcing you to read or agree with my diatribe. Nonetheless, I thank you for doing so and for posting a reply. Best to you and yours.

  2. Claudiaechelon says:

    In my opinion, Lucyfer, Power and Fame refers to the problems, which they had with record label and every bad things which are happens in showbiz. You know, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus are hiding messages and signs. 30 stm just show us this signs since 10 years and they said: FIND THE ARGUS APOCRAPHEX. Do you know what Echelon is? Real Echelon is a person, who can understand it all. I think I’m near. There’s just one thing I know for sure: THEY AREN”T ILLUMINATES. They show us, how many bad stuff is going in this world. I think they had a choice. And I think their choice was good. Their songs and videos are warning.

    “I’m gonna say what should have never been said
    The giants of the world are crashing down
    The end is near, I hear the trumpets sound”

    It’s clear. If you wanna be famous, you should sell your soul. But you have a choice. You should launch into the deep. You should understand this ideology. You should find the argus. Then it all will be clear for you.

    • Claudiaechelon says:

      So, why don’t you reply me?

      • Suthern says:

        Hi Claudia, I like to post thoughtful responses. I haven’t had time to do so, yet. But I will. Keep an eye out. Thanks for the comment and Happy New Year.

      • Suthern says:

        Thanks for the response, Claudia. I’m not sure I completely understand your reply. I think you are saying that 3S2M is not glorifying Satan, but rather warning us about his bad intentions? If that’s the case, I find the conclusion problematic. Basically their lyrics just don’t support that point of view. The Bible states “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” Matthew 12:30.

        At times I think it is very clear that they are attacking the God of the Bible specifically.
        In “Night of the Hunter” the lyrics, in my opinion, overtly refer to God as a bastard and Mary as a bitch “Blessed by a bitch from a bastard’s seed.” I can think of no other interpretation, but would welcome another studied alternative. In “100 Suns” the lyrics state ” I believe in nothing. One hundred suns until we part. I believe in nothing. Not in sin and not in God.”

        It may not always be clear who they are satirizing, but at the very least they are not working with or glorifying the God of the Bible. And according to God himself, if they are not for God they are against Him. As stated in the post, it is their right to sing about whatever they want. I am simply adding another level of awareness to the subtle imagery and the implications of that imagery on the hearts and minds of others. As a Christian, I don’t want to give the preaching of 3S2M a place in my day or my life. And that is the message I choose to share with others through this posting. I would rather fill my days with messages that give thanks and praise to the Creator of all that is good. Genesis 1:31.

        Again, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Best, J.S.H

    • ssia22 says:

      I’ve been a fan of Jared as an actor and of 30STM (God, I’ve even been to their concert and took a photo with them), but you should be really dumb to actually believe that all of their lyrics are not subliminal messages. When I first came to this conclusion, I played their tracks again and burst into tears because I was acknowledging their actual meaning.

      • Suthern says:

        Thanks for the comment, ssia22. Your revelation is pretty profound and it’s cool that you were open to the truth. 30STM was for a time my favorite band, until I too realized the sermons they were offering. It’s easy to ignore this stuff, but so much healthier to look reality in the face and adjust accordingly.

    • Jewel says:

      Provehito in Altum

  3. Anthony says:

    Wow… That’s crazy. I was trying to find the messages and it wasn’t until about the 5th or 6th time of watching the video until I saw all the words flash in under a second. At first I thought the photos you took were fake, but then I realized how difficult it really was to stop the video to see each message. I don’t really listen to them all that much, but Kings and Queens came on when I was listening to Pandora. I was curious as to if they were a Christian type of band. Their lyrics really don’t support the word of God.

    • Suthern says:

      Yes Dan, it’s interesting as they do come off as a potentially Christian band because they deal with Biblical terminology. Satan, after-all, has a big role in the Bible and when you start espousing Satan’s viewpoint in veiled imagery, without stating what side you are actually on, it might come across as Christian when in fact it could be the complete opposite. Because music is more about feelings and ideas, these images and thoughts are more innocuous, but perhaps just as powerful. Thanks for the comment.

      • Server3 says:

        Its funny how all you christians are so busy with searching satan wherever you go
        In fact satan and the devil are barely mentioned in the bible this big hype is something new

  4. Traveler says:

    wow than you this really opened my eyes as an aspiring musician the phrase that Claudia said
    “if you want to be famous, you have to sell your soul.” well i don’t want to be famous, but unfortunately in order to be popular in the music industry you must be popular and so i think that you don’t have to sell your soul, but just trust in God and he will guide you and help you. Also i was wondering if this band was christian and i remember listening to 30 seconds to mars and thinking wow this is awesome and then realizing that wait a minute these lyrics they don’t seem right…

    • Suthern says:

      Thanks for the comment, Traveler. I think there are lots of examples of famous musicians that aren’t satanic and some may even be Christian. There are also plenty of talented people that work behind the scenes (e.g., writers, studio instrumentalists, producers, etc.) that the public may never hear about, but they make a good living and contribute to the art greatly. It seems to me, anecdotally at least, that the happiest people in the entertainment community may be the ones that aren’t famous, but still manage to work. Good luck on your dreams and many blessings. J.S.H.

    • Jewel says:

      I’ve been a longtime fan of 30stm but I have to admit I was getting really uncomfortable with their lyrics.I’m a born again Christian and I was beginning to feel something amiss.I know that Nimrod who had an anti-Christ spirit and commissioned the building of the Tower of Babel was called The Hunter of men’s souls.Listening to night of the hunter was disturbing to me,as well as other 30stm lyrics.I was Echelon and been to their concerts and now I find it scary that I fell so easily into it.Not anymore.God forgive me.I think Jared Leto displays an anti-Christ spirit and he was walking around allow people to call him Jesus ,that’s blasphemy.

      • Suthern says:

        Thanks for the comment, Jewel. You’ve given me some more things to look up and read about. By the way, I was also surprised at how easily I accepted, or perhaps refused to question, the message of the artist.

  5. Inana says:

    HOW could you NOT care??? This music is intended to hurt us, we need God more than ever right now and this is proof that they are apart of the “master plan” to try to corrupt us all and lead us astray. You better care..

    • Dan the satin loving man says:

      You’re a fucking idiot,do you relies how much bullshit you’re spewing into the world,listen I don’t give a flying fuck if you like mars or not,I’m even friends with people who don’t like them,but you are a piece of shit. Mars has helped me and so many people in the Echelon,if it wasn’t for mars i’d hanging from my celing right now. Also you saying we need god is bullshit,I’m and atheist/satinist and since I decided to leave religion behind my life has become better tenfold,I no longer feel like shit for disobeying god I don’t give a right fuck. Damn all that and I still want to slight your neck,you people really have me pissed off. Okay so mars was intended to hurt me,no I’m pretty fucking dandy thanks to mars,but do you know who does want to hurt me,you fuck wits,cleaning my saviours are evil and are bad people,which they to be honest they are fucking not,if you just look at mars with a mind set that they are satinists you can see Jared does constant help towards those that are in hard times,unlike you Christians,mars loves to help fans that are going through struggles in their life,they help people in Haiti,the LGBTQ community and many other places,they help people you wold probably hate on (especially the LGBTQ community which I am a part of) for no good fucking reason other then your ancient book of fairy tails.
      Fuck you and fuck your bullshit

      • Suthern says:

        Hi Dan. I appreciate that you took the time to read my thoughts about Thirty Seconds to Mars. You and I have been given the free will to make our own choices in life, offer our opinions, and to align ourselves with whomever we think appropriate. Even though we obviously don’t agree, I’m thankful that we both have the right to our own views. I wish you much peace and success in your life. Rock on.

      • Inana says:

        Dude. Learn some grammar skills, some punctuation and learn how to spell. THEN I might read what you have to say. Other than that your nonsense makes my eyes bleed.

      • Inana says:

        And Dan, you seem like a very angry person had you now become Godless. Do you want to be angry all the time? So full of hate and unbelief? 😮

      • Suthern says:

        Hi Inana. I think he meant to leave the reply in response to my post and not your original reply to the post. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t make sense that he would go off on you. Had I noticed it was a reply to your reply, I probably would not have approved the comment, and I apologize that all the hate was seemingly pointed at you. I think it’s important that people see how different ideologies and beliefs manifest themselves, it just reaffirms the point of the discussion in the first place.

      • GabarBen says:

        This article is has great points. Your entire response is full of hatred, against a guy who was simply pointing out the hidden (yet even obvious) message in 30STM lyrics. He wasn’t even attacking anybody and her you are cussing and talking smack.
        Being atheist/satanism seems pretty contradictory to me. If satinism really had something of eternal value, I’m sure you would not have left it. But there’s nothin good about it. Maybe Jared does help people, but its not like he will do it for the rest of his life. The only people who go out of their way for others, constantly and consistently are Chrisians. This “book of fairy tails” relates to everything you just wrote. It still applies to today. It’s changed people’s lives. What your entire response said gives me anothe reason to believe in God. If 30STM helped you not hang yourself, then when you die, what will they do for you? It won’t matter.

      • Nina says:

        That’s the most hilarious post I’ve seen yet, you’re so indoctrinated that it’s obvious it’s worked on you. Us Christians are also accused of being indoctrinated, along with other believers of other belief faiths, but my beliefs are for good and for the love of God. But you clearly don’t care that 30 seconds to Mars are not for God as you’ve stated and it’s at your own peril and it’s very juvenile really, and you really shouldn’t love anything more than God especially not a band controlled by the Satanic music industry, they have no freedom. Jared Leto sold his soul years ago, he’s clearly on Satan’s path and he’s taking his Echelon with him.

        He uses his looks to wind people in anyone who is a fan of him male or female, should not be fooled by the pretty face. I don’t know why people feel following Satan will make them happy? Or why people think giving yourself to God is restrictive and rigid? It’s not, i sleep very well at night without fear of Satan coming for my soul. I wonder if all of Satan’s followers are happy knowing that when they die they will burn for eternity? Is it worth it? I wish you luck in your devotion to 30 Seconds to Mars……your gonna need it.

  6. Wonderful research… As I listened to a few 30 STM songs, like you – I enjoyed the melodies… they seemed to be right out of traditional Christian POP – but something was not quite right….that little subconscious voice said ”this is pseudo christian”” Thanks for your time and input on this important research post… here is some of my similar research I uncovered a few years ago.. http://www.godtype.com/2012/03/the-great-harlot-revelation-17-shes-supertramp-9-11-jungs-collective-unconscious/

    • Suthern says:

      Thanks for your response, Milton. Nice work on the link above regarding Supertramp…interesting to say the least. Some of that information is over my head with a superficial reading so I look forward to going back and “digging in” when I have more time.

    • why says:









  7. Bert says:

    I was afraid 3MTM was to spiritual to be a Christian Rock band but you helped to avoid a mistake of blowing them off.

  8. Randall L Pilch Jr. says:

    The cost is the same ask of the messiah, bow down, worship me and all these things are yours, they are mine to give. Fame, fortune, power, all the desires of this earthly realm. To be successful in music, or acting etc. They must submit. Some are extremely overt about their involvement, even relish in it.


    Hi, I came across this article by chance. I love music … and like you, Suthern, I do pay attention to the lyrics and agree with everything you have said. I used to like 3STM for all the reasons that you had mentioned. I am not a Christian, but I do believe in love. On this planet there are many words that have been used to describe a higher power, and for me it’s love.
    Despite not being a Christian, or knowing the bible, it’s easy to feel the negative energies/intentions in the lyrics put out by this band including all the subliminal(and some “not so subliminal”) messages in their videos.
    This may be a article about 3STM, but I think there is a negative intention on the planet to desensitize us with these negative messages. It is brainwashing. And I’m sure the guys from 3STM have been brainwashed too. We seem to be herded towards hero worshipping through the media(music/movies/tv etc.). It’s great that there are people like you who are AWAKE, and are attuned to your own self to be able to choose the path of light and to be aware of the path of darkness. I’m also on this journey and would just like to say thanks for writing this.

    • Suthern says:

      Hi, Joey. Thanks for the comment. Your perspective is unique from the others who have posted on this article. With all that’s going on in our world, it’s crucial that we keep an open forum of communication even when we come from different beliefs or backgrounds. It seems to me, and it sounds so cliche, that education is key. If we were all able to think analytically and reason out truth beyond just our feelings, attitudes, and predispositions, perhaps we could love better. At the end of the day, you are correct, it is all about love. Thanks for taking the time to respond. ***I realize you are not a Christian, but when you have time please read 1 Corinthians chapter 13…I think you’ll like it. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+13&version=NIV

  10. Elcee says:

    If you knew anything about the very small amount of Jared’s past that had made it to the public media you would know that this is not the case. He does not worship Satan. I’ve met him and people that work for him multiple times. These lyrics are the result of a boy who was abused and abandoned. Please do further research. He believes in “nothing” because he feels no hope. He’s delving into his past , which I am quite convinced was traumatic. I believe ritualistic abuse was involved and that he is a pawn. I have my own findings to support this.

    • Suthern says:

      Thanks for the comment. I can really only go on what he is preaching today, no matter the reason(s) behind it. The words he chooses to proclaim his beliefs, feelings, and attitudes, are clear and concise. He is a smart man. I’m sure if he wanted to express something different, he could and would. He has purposefully chosen to speak his truth and he makes no bones about it, why should I? While I am empathetic about other’s pain and suffering, it does not change the reality of what is.

  11. Vossa says:

    Had to check a little bit on them after this short-video. I remember I watched this one back in 2010 and for me it was just BDSM stuff, no big deal. But today I see so many subliminal messages in this video that it’s sick. They’re not even trying hard to hide their messages anymore.

  12. Claudiaechelon says:

    Hello I’m back with some grammar skills (my eyes were bleeding as I read my old comment, sorry :))

    Even though my language skills have strongly changed since 2013, my opinion merely did.

    Let’s start with the fact that I still do listen to 30STM and I did a big research during those years.

    It is undeniable that there is a lot of signs nad hidden/not really hidden messages in band’s lyrics and videos. Still, I believe that every fan has his brain and is able to use it.

    So what’s the big deal? If you enjoy the music and looking for hidden meanings AND you are not brainwashed enough to take everything personally then do whatever you want. Music is not devil. People are.

    Why do we want to see celebrities as Satan’s servants? I mean, of course media influences our minds but are we really that dumb?

    I’m not a christian. I’m open-minded and I’m aware of manipulation’s existence. But I still can distinguish evil and good and have my own point of view.

    Also even if Jared, Tomo and Shannon were pastafarians, it shouldn’t overweight the good things they did for Haiti, LGBTIQ and their fans.

  13. Michelle Hurst says:

    Could it be that the words are actually going back and forth representing 2 speakers… a child of Gods and a deciever? Christ followers must also remember God says let the wheat and the tares grow up together… He’s the one that’s going to separate later.. we are to refrain from deciding who is good and evil … That’s what started this mess with Adam. Yes be wise. Guard our hearts be transformed by the word the word is the bread of life… keep our eyes on God… We are all works-in-progress be careful if you think you stand lest you fall I know judge not lest ye be judged it means you’ll go through yourself… The more I know the more I don’t know but he knows and I’m going to keep praying to be more like Christ…. 1st John 4 AP God is love. L.ove never fails it’s the only thing that never we have to remember it’s
    not over till it’s over.

  14. Gabz says:

    As a Christian my life revolves around receiving everlasting life. I would rather not chance it for ten minutes if listening pleasure. There is just too much at stake. Satan is conquering souls by either making people believe he doesn’t exist, or that God doesn’t exist. I’ve been around for a while and I have searched for the truth for a long time. And yes. It absolutely matters that I choose the only way.

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