Independent authors and musicians contact Apologetics With Me if you would like a review of your work from an apologist’s perspective.

apologetics- with- me -book -and -music- reviewsAs an independent song writer and fledgling author without any representation, I can attest to how difficult it is to get honest and worthwhile reviews of artistic work. The internet has expanded the possibilities for independent artists to get recognized and build their fan base, but it seems that there are still many obstacles and hurdles to jump through. On one hand the difficulty to get noticed is a good thing. After all, if it were too easy everyone would be doing it, and quite frankly not everyone should. People don’t possess  equal amounts of talent, gifts,  or good worth ethics. Thus, the potential for the mediocre far outweighs the possibility for sublime or even good artistic expression.  However, on the other hand, artists and fellow human beings should support one another whenever doable in this adventure of life. This does not mean we offer opinions and critiques simply to build egos, but rather give thoughtful,  honest responses from one worldview to another.

Therefore, Apologetics With Me will offer humble opinions and critiques for any artist meeting the following basic criteria. The work, whether it be a book, play, song, or album, must have a religious bent to it. The work does not have to be Christian based, but it must be about or strongly influenced by religion or spirituality. Because this is a Christian blog, any non-Christian artist or author  must realize the review will be through the eyes and ears of a believer in Jesus. Furthermore, every review will be from an apologist’s perspective. If you’re not sure what Apologetics is, please hit the “Home” tab above or look it up on the internet.  You can also read a sample review here on this blog at this link: An Apologist’s Perspective of a New Book by R Scott Boyer

Finally, in order to get your work reviewed, please send hard copies when possible, but of course MP3’s and electronic media are also accepted. Contact information can be found on the above tab titled “me”. I look forward to sharing in the creative process with you. Until then, work hard and pray with thanksgiving, praise, and persistence.

apologetics with me book and music reviews

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