A Musing About Forgiveness

If His grace is sufficient for me, a believer, how much more is His grace sufficient for you, a nonbeliever? When the believer commits acts that harm himself or others, God knows they have already acknowledged His truth; there’s an admission of need and acknowledgement of Jesus as Savior. Yet acts that put Him on the cross are still being committed by the faithful,  albeit begrudgingly so. But when the nonbeliever sins he does so outwardly disavowing the saving grace of Jesus. No vow has been broken but the law. So I ask, if Jesus forgives me, and I have faith he does, how much more is he able and willing to forgive you? Nothing should hold you back from stepping into that inward yearning you have to know the one that loves you most. Don’t wait until you get it right, just acknowledge He already has.

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