Where the Garden Begins: An allegorical fantasy with a dose of apologetics.



where-the-garden-begins-front-coverFor the last four years I have been working intermittently on my first novel. I am happy to say that “Where the Garden Begins” was officially released on November 25, 2015. The idea for the book came from my love for God’s Word and things I had been learning in my apologetics Bible study; specifically the very first three words in the Bible, “In the beginning,” from Genesis 1:1.

For about the last 300 years Christians have been debating the age of the earth. Is it thousands of years old or millions? Although this debate is not a salvation issue, it does affect how certain people view the Bible.  Suffice to say that there are three camps of Christians regarding this issue, “young earthers” or those that believe the universe is only thousands of years old, “old earthers” or those who believe the earth is millions of years old, and lastly, those who never thought about it or just don’t care.

“Where the Garden Begins” explores the theory of the Big Bang (or the beginning as it is referred to in Genesis) within an allegorical fantasy—with a twist of apologetics. There is something in this book for the young earthers, old earthers, and even those who never thought about it or never cared.  Even though the book is a fantasy, there are many Biblical and scientific truths shared throughout.

My hope is that you will consider purchasing a copy for someone who may doubt the Bible’s scientific accuracy or someone who may be struggling with bridging the gap between science and faith. This is not a textbook on the Big Bang or Biblical interpretation, but rather a fictional story that makes both of those things a little easier and more fun to understand.

The following is a review that offers another perspective, other than my own: “I am very where-the-garden-begins-back-coverproud to introduce to you a wonderful allegorical fantasy fiction novel written by, J. Suthern Hicks, called Where the Garden Begins. This beautiful story creatively and cleverly interweaves science and Biblical truths into the lives of two characters on their path to pursue the existence of God. What I love about this book is its CS Lewis-like fantasy structure filled with deep and rich Biblical metaphors making it poignantly relevant for those at any point in their journey, whether one is seeking God, a new Believer or needs an amazing faith builder as a mature Believer. It’s a great read for all ages as well (not only adults but young adults and teens too!)! ” – Michele Suh


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