Does changing a vowel change the message? You decide…

where-children-play-seven-yearsby J. Suthern Hicks

Last year film director Leila Djansi approached me to write a song for a scene in her upcoming film, “Where Children Play.” While watching a rough cut of the movie I was deeply moved. The lyrics and melody flowed easily and Let the Sun In was born. There was only one small problem, the words that came to me were overtly Christian, but the movie was not.

So to solve the problem, I changed a vowel. After hearing the song I’m sure you can guess which letter it was. Some may call that cheating, but the way I figure it, God is the light of the world. No matter how or even if one acknowledges Him, He is the light of the world— and perhaps letting the “sun” in is not too far off from letting the “Son” in.

The film, also written by Leila Djansi, is beautifully shot and there are many emotional moments. I was humbled to have been asked to contribute and grateful to all those that helped create this four minute moment in time. Shy Johnson for stepping up to the microphone and singing her heart out, Nathan Walters for arranging and engineering, Michele Suh Wood for playing an amazing violin, Cole Williams with her ever creative ability to harmonize in ways that few others would think of, Blake Bunzel sliding in effortlessly on electric guitar, Godfrey Moye, Yvonne Edwards Fernandez, and of course Leila Djansi for trusting me to get the job done in a meaningful way.

To God be all the glory. I hope you will let the sun in—there are so many wonderful things waiting just beyond all those clouds. But let me know your thoughts, did changing the vowel change the message?

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