The Shape of Water Paralleling The Shape of Hollywood


The Shape of Water Poster (cropped)

As a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, I was sent a screener for the Oscar winning movie The Shape of Water. I only point that out because I would have never paid to see it in a theatre, especially knowing the movie’s theme beforehand.  Not only was the subject matter questionable (see article via link below), it was very poorly written and ill conceived. Without striving to be overly condescending, simply put, this film came off like a high school student’s project (who was given a bus load of money). The metaphors of racism and prejudice were not disguised at all so there were rarely moments to use one’s imagination. It was a spot on dictation of the author’s preaching of his own presuppositions.

Hopefully consumers realize that most, if not all, “art” has a message to preach.  It’s just that some messages attribute the grand concept of morality to a god and others to mankind and still others to nothing at all. The “god” attribution seems to illicit the most criticism, however. Especially if that god happens to be defined as the Judeo-Christian one. Yes, people of religion criticize as well, but let’s face it, people of faith are not the mainstream in the current art scene. Thus, the voice of the conservative believer is not nearly as loud.

The creators of The Shape of Water, and I’m going out on a limb here, probably did not intend to lump bestiality in with their thematic vision. Unlike many other conservative Christian critics, I think that was probably an unfortunate byproduct of their shortsightedness. Or then again, perhaps they are even more debase than I give them credit for and bestiality is indeed a healthy and viable alternative lifestyle in their paradigm. I do think the theory of evolution was thrown in for good measure as well, but since they could not quite settle on which anti-God topic was the most important to them, they just threw in a little of everything.

I do think the concept of interracial relationships is an important topic to pursue in both art and religious discussion. Primarily because man, throughout history, has consistently embraced evil. The Bible obviously never stated that interracial relationships were sinful, wrong, or bad, but rather states that being unequally yoked 2 Corinthians 6:14 is what should be avoided. Being unequally yoked has to do with one’s beliefs, not one’s skin color. So while mankind, embracing evil rather then a moral God, choose to embrace division based on color and culture and thus, racism is cultivated. A true believer in the Judeo-Christian God would never teach, preach, or embrace racism. Perhaps folks claiming to be believers might do so, but not those truly engaging in the reality of the Word.

So while the topic of interracial relationships is worthwhile, this film failed to present it in either an artistic or endearing light. Promoting bestiality, whether unintentional or intentional, is probably not great for the advancement of culture either.

Worthwhile for further reading:
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