Unplanned: A Movie That Will Change Lives

With all of the blogs, social media, and news outlets available, I have always been reluctant to write reviews of movies. There are plenty of other opinions and throwing mine into the arena probably wouldn’t mean much. But sometimes there are those instances where one voice matters and one more opinion might make a difference. Such is the case with the movie Unplanned. It’s a movie that has larger implications than mere entertainment; so I’m throwing my opinion out there along with all of the others.

Unplanned is a movie that you should see, and that you will be glad you saw. The subject of abortion has evolved immensely over the years. We have a better understanding of science, politics, and spirituality today than we did forty-five years ago. I’m not going to debate the topic of abortion. There is no need to. The task at hand is to share a common cultural experience that furthers the conversation, and nothing has done that as well as the movie Unplanned in a long time.

The movie is based on the autobiographical account of a woman who worked for an abortion provider for eight years and was even a clinic director. She was awarded employee of the year by this organization. Everything that happened was her real life experience. It was her life. She is a woman that has also had two abortions. She let’s us in on the behind the scenes activities, philosophies, and attitudes of those working in the abortion field. While some of the experiences are graphic, to say the least, they are not over exploited.

“Unplanned is a movie that accomplishes what art should, and after you see it, perhaps it will change a life forever.”

Why should you see this movie? Because regardless of your opinions of abortion, it’s a subject matter that deserves to be looked at from every angle. Abortion commands that we as a society know where we stand and why. The more information we have, the better the society should be, right? If you are pro-abortion, you have nothing to fear, right? It’s just one woman’s account. You will not walk out of the movie lobotomized, I promise.

On a strange note, the movie is also entertaining. How can that be? Because the movie has all the great themes any good movie should; hope, love, faith, forgiveness, and struggle. We, as observes, get to join a woman in this part of her life. We feel for her. We care and we root for her ultimate victory. There are also larger cultural and spiritual implications that move us beyond where we were when we started.

Go see Unplanned. The acting might not be the best you have ever seen. Although I personally think there were a few really good performances, especially the lead. The direction may not have been as smooth as Steven Spielberg, but it wasn’t bad. The cinematic elements of sound and lighting were as good as any mainstream film out right now. I particularly enjoyed the writing and the way they chose to structure the timeline of events. The movie makers kept me engrossed the entire time.

Art is supposed to be about culture. Art is supposed to elicit feelings and responses. Art is supposed to be the expression and application of human creativity and imagination. And sometimes art impacts in unimaginable ways. Unplanned is a movie that accomplishes what art should, and after you see it, perhaps it will change a life forever. Let me know your thoughts about the movie by leaving your comments below.

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