If You Have a Mother or a Sister, You Will Want to Read This…


8-27-2019 | Los Angeles, CA.

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The only things standing in the way of two cantankerous sisters-in-law surviving their twilight years—are their daughters.

J. Suthern Hicks, published author, playwright, and songwriter, creates a story that brings audiences to laughter and eventually tears. Turtle Tears, a play that the Los Angles Times compared to Steel Magnolias, touches on family relationships, sexual abuse, and aging in a way that only live theatre can. Turtle Tears is now available at Amazon.com.

Nellie wants nothing more than to live out her days in a house trailer in the desert, but her daughter wants to sell the land, while the offers are still hot. Nellie’s sister-in-law, Iris, has no home and must rely on the kindness of others, but she has burned most of her bridges, especially with her daughter. Will they be able to mend the past hurts between them, or will they part ways once and for all? Set in rural Arizona, where the only things pricklier than the cactus are the wit and drama.

“Suthern Hicks’ tale about two elderly friends has that kind of cozy, down-home feel that makes you want to grab a cold glass of lemonade, your favorite backyard chair and set a spell with Nellie and Iris behind their Arizona desert trailer.” —Critics’ Choice: LA Weekly, Jim Crogan

 “Bring a hankie: Turtle Tears does it best to tug on the heartstrings. As its title suggests, the hankies come out late in “Turtle Tears” at the Taber Theatre. But since Suthern Hicks seems to have been inspired by the comedy-into-melodrama formula of “Steel Magnolias,” you know those tears are going to come… Hicks has written a character-driven play uncommonly dependent on strong audience attachment to the (mostly) women on stage. If you’re willing to stick it out with Hicks’ gals…Turtle Tears produces an emotional pull.” —Los Angeles Times, Robert Koehler

 “What a serendipitous delight it is to discover both a small theatre production performed with such professional polish and a new play which entertains and moves us. Such is the case with Suthern Hicks’ new comedy-drama, Turtle Tears.” —The Burbank Leader, Alan Raeburn

Get a copy of Turtle Tears to read and share. If you are a member of a Theatre company, contact the author or publisher at HumbleEntertainment@yahoo.com regarding professional and nonprofessional performance rights.

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