Jump Into the New Book: A Leaf of Faith


12-10-2019 | Los Angeles, CA.

(818) 765-2600.





J. Suthern Hicks, published author and playwright, releases a Christian fantasy novel unlike any other. Set both in the rural South and the fantastical Five Realms of Here, it’s an adventure traversing gloriously through the heartland of America and the depth of the imagination.  Although appealing to Christians of all ages, it is particularly ideal for anyone who loves fantasy intertwined with Biblical truth, similar to that of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Five Realms of Here have long sought someone to save them from the evil that holds them captive. Prophecy foretells that a brother and sister will come with a friend, bringing hope and news of a peaceful king.

The prophecy is true. 

The would-be heroes enter into a foreign world seemingly by chance, without much more than their faith as a guide. They are not alone, however. Unexpected help comes from the humblest in the animal kingdom; a little red fox and a daring dirt dauber. Together they set out on a dangerous mission to save one world, while unknowingly jeopardizing their own. Will both worlds be lost, or will this unlikely group of friends figure out the way to conquer evil?

The answers are here, in book two of the Messenger and Thieves fantasy series: A Leaf of Faith.

J. Suthern Hicks has been writing for over twenty years. His play Turtle Tears received accolades from the LA Times and Critics’ Choice from LA Weekly in September 1995. Along with plays, he has written Where the Garden Begins, Book 1 in the Messenger and Thieves Series (a number 1 best seller in Christian fantasy on Amazon). He has also written two children’s books as well as an album of music for the band Seven Years.

Available on Amazon: click here

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  2. Hopefully getting into in about two weeks!

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