Quarantined? I have something to brighten your days…and it’s free!

boredIf you’re fully quarantined, like those in the bay area, or partially quarantined like the rest of us, you might be getting a little stir crazy right about now. Some of you also might be a little fearful, have some anxiety, or just generally uneasy. I have something that will help. I have decided to offer a few free Kindle versions of my new book, A Leaf of Faith, to my followers on this blog. It’s a positive, upbeat, Christian adventure that will surely bring you comfort while passing the time.

You don’t have to own a Kindle to read Amazon Kindle eBooks. In fact if you have a smart phone, tablet, Mac or Windows PC you can read them through the Kindle app. The app is free and is available from your app store on your chosen device. Simply download and install the app then sign into it with your Amazon user name and password.

You can see more of what the book is about on Amazon by clicking the title: A Leaf of Faith. If you want to dive in and start reading, just email me at HumbleEntertainment@yahoo.com and I’ll reply to the first three people by sending you a link to download. But please, only request if you actually will download and read it. If you subscribe to KindleUnlimited, you can already read it for free.

The Coronavirus has the potential to destroy, but we have the power to become more resilient, more creative, and more thankful for each day of life. Let’s all bring our best and get through this together. Peace and loveJ. Suthern Hicks.



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