About Me

After finishing my Master’s degree from Arizona State University, I headed to Hollywood to pursue my dream, acting.  But my passion steadily turned towards writing (just finished my first book; see tab above),  writing and creating music (also above), and trying to figure out how to love God with all my heart, mind, and soul (read  posts to the right).

As far as the here and now: My heart resides in the gentle rolling hills of Arkansas, my body is loving the warmth and opportunities of Los Angeles, and my mind dreams of the life awaiting me with my Lord and Savior.

To contact me directly, please send an email to HumbleEntertainment (at) yahoo.com. If you would like to send work to be reviewed on this blog, send an email and I will contact you with an address where hard copies may be mailed. If you are sending electronic media, you may do so at the above email address.

Love and peace,

J. Suthern Hicks

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Ryan says:

    it is my sincere hope that you find your lord and savior in heaven….soon!

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