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Top Ten “Worst” Bible Verses

  1. The Worst Bible Verse
  2. The Second Worst Bible Verse
  3. The Sorceress and the Third Worst Bible Verse
  4. Baby Bashing: The Fourth Worst Bible Passage
  5. The Fallen Concubine: The Fifth Worst Bible Passage
  6. Men with Men: The Sixth Worst Bible Passage
  7. Psalm 137:9 Revisited: Voted the Forth Worst Bible Passage
  8. The Seventh Worst Bible Passage: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Come outside and I’ll kill you.
  9. The Eight Worst Bible Passage: Short and Sweet
  10. Wives Should Be Subordinate: The Ninth Worst Bible Passage
  11. The Ninth Worst Bible Passage: A Comfort to Wives (A Woman’s Perspective)
  12. Slaves Submit Yourselves: The Last of the Worst Bible Passages
  13. The List of the “Worst” Grows, but the Bible Passes the Test Every-time: Isiah 13:18
  14. More Questions Regarding 1 Samuel 15:3

General Apologetics

  1. Offense
  2. The Two Genealogies of Jesus: Only One Possible Christ
  3. If you loved me, you would judge me.
  4. A Musing About Forgiveness
  5. A 15 year old doubts her faith and asks for answers.
  6. Marriage: Let them have it.
  7. Persuade Someone Today
  8. Choose Immortality Not Immorality: It’s a Win-Win
  9. The Violent Christian Versus the Violent Islamic
  10. Ten Percent?
  11. Marriage: A Legal Contract?
  12. The Politically Incorrect Christian: How Offensive!
  13. Dumb Mondays: One Day a Week Without My Smartphone.
  14. Do not even eat with such a one.
  15. Quit Your Whining, Pull Up Your Panties and Vote.
  16. Lessons at the Laundromat
  17. Finally, a Test to Determine if a White Conservative is Racist.
  18. Welcome the Change, the Failures, and the Prosperity That 2020 and Beyond Will Bring.

 Israel, Palestine, and Islam

  1. Israel, Palestine, Islam, and the rest of us.
  2. Four Israels: Part I – The Jewish Israel
  3. Four Israels Part II: Palestine, Palestinians, and Refugees…
  4. Four Israels Part III: The Islamic view of Israel (in quotes).
  5. The Palestinian Refugee: A Muslim or Jewish Creation?
  6. The Western View of Israel

Music a New Paradigm

  1. Music and Apologetics: The Beginning
  2. Satan loves his music (and yours too).
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars: Lucifer Power Fame
  4. Habits – Stay High and Go to Sex Clubs: Ten Weeks in the Top Ten
  5. Katy Perry: She Sings for Satan and She Likes It.

Book Reviews

  1. An Apologist’s Perspective of a New Book by R Scott Boyer
  2. Independent authors and musicians contact Apologetics With Me if you would like a review of your work from an apologist’s perspective.
  3. A Children’s Book Illustrates Attributes of a “Soulish” Animal as Mentioned in Genesis
  4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — “Charlie and Chocolate’s Purrfect Prayer”
  5. Where the Garden Begins: An allegorical fantasy with a dose of apologetics.
  6. An Unexpected Gift.
  7. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — “Charlie and Chocolate’s Furry Forgiveness”
  8. Talking to Kids About Death, Dying, Forgiveness, Love, and Prayer: All Through a Children’s Story.
  9. If You Have a Mother or Sister, You Will Want to Read This…
  10. Jump Into the New Book: A Leaf of Faith
  11. I Am David

Music & Art Sprinkled with Apologetics

  1. Does changing a vowel change the message? You decide…
  2. The Shape of Water Paralleling the Shape of Hollywood
  3. Unplanned: A Movie That Will Change Lives

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