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  • Christian Fantasy Series: Messenger and Thieves, Book 2

A Leaf of Faith, published in 2019.

The continuation of the Number 1 new release on Amazon in Christian fantasy, Where the Garden Begins. A Leaf of Faith, the second book in the Messenger and Thieves series, stands alone—without the necessity of having read the first book. Although it’s always nice to know the beginning.

The Word has been vanquished. Truth has become relative. Evil thrives.

The Five Realms of Here have long sought someone to save them from the evil that holds them captive. Prophecy foretells that a brother and sister will come with a friend, bringing hope and news of a peaceful king. The prophecy is true.

The would-be heroes, Seth and Melissa, enter into a foreign world seemingly by chance, without much more than their faith as a guide. They are not alone, however. Unexpected help comes from the humblest in the animal kingdom; a little red fox and a daring dirt dauber. Together they set out on a dangerous mission to save one world, while unknowingly jeopardizing their own. Will both worlds be lost, or will this unlikely group of friends figure out the way to conquer evil?

  • Christian Fantasy Series: Messenger and Thieves, Book 1

Where The Garden Begins, published in 2015is set as a fantasy akin to “The Chronicles of Narnia,” but  with overt overtones of science (e.g., big bang cosmology), apologetics (why we believe the Bible agrees with science), and the pursuit of faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Two teens discover they need more than faith to survive in a supernatural world that challenges the very core of what they believe, or don’t, as the case may be.  During a visit to their grandmother’s house, Seth and Melissa get more than they bargained for. The usual dose of religion and guilt is served by their favorite Grandmother in the most unconventional of ways –  nothing out of the ordinary.  But when they are transported to another dimension in a test to discover the truth about creation, they must rely on one another, and a few friends like the little red fox to make it back home. Along the way they swear an oath that will forever change not only themselves, but perhaps all of humanity.

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  • Two Act Play:

Turtle Tears is about how two cantankerous women strive to maintain peace and independence in their twilight years. Nellie wants nothing more than to live out her days in a house trailer in the desert, but her daughter Margie wants to sell the land while the offers are still hot. Nellie’s sister-in-law, Iris, has no home and must rely on the kindness of others, but she has burned all of her bridges. Will she be able to mend the past hurts between she and her daughter Bethany, or will they part ways for once and for all? Set in rural Arizona, where the only things pricklier than the cactus are the wit and drama. Read reviews and press release by clicking HERE.

Get a copy of Turtle Tears to read and share. If you are a member of a Theatre company, contact the author or publisher at regarding professional and nonprofessional performance rights.

  • One Act Play:

Home, Hearth, and Oreos: An elderly woman in a convalescent center has one last wish: to see her grandchildren for the first time. Her son visits regularly, but for reasons unknown, he has never brought his kids to see their grandmother. There are forces pulling the family apart, but this grandmother will not give up easily. She sets a plan in motion, with the help of her loyal nurse. With love and humor, this heartwarming play proves that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • Children’s Book:

Inspired by the true story of a boy and a cat, Charlie and Chocolate’s Purrfect Prayer is a great way to teach children about the importance of family, prayer, and the unconditional love of God’s furry creatures.   The purrfect book for children from 3 to 8.


Charlie has been spending a lot of time at his grandmother’s house because his mom is sick. Grandma’s cat, Chocolate, has never cared for kids, and usually pays no attention to Charlie when he visits, but Grandma has promised Charlie that if he is patient and kind, Chocolate and he may one day become the best of friends. One night, as Charlie says his bedtime prayers, he learns that sometimes love can come from very unexpected places, and just when it’s needed the most.

Beautifully illustrated by Tatiana Minina, this picture book will quickly become one of your family’s fondest bedtime stories. You’ll enjoy reading it to your children, but it’s also simple enough for young readers to understand on their own.

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  • Produced Plays and Musicals:

Turtle Tears; produced in 1995 by the Toluca lake players.  “At Desi’s (Peggy Cozzi) place in the southeast Arizona desert, it’s an open debate whether she will be able to hold on to her property, now that she’s a widow and her scheming daughter Margie (Kathleen Jean Klein) has assumed power of attorney. Desi’s only friend, Azora (Bette Rae), shares the place with her–and when push comes to shove, can live nowhere else.  Critics Choice in LA Weekly September 1995.  Los Angeles Times Review

Evergreen – A Christmas Musical; produced a the Taber Theatre in 1997. “Evergreen” is a very seasonal affair. This new play by Suthern Hicks tries to remind audiences that Christmas should be about religious faith, not Santa.” – Los Angeles Times 12/09/1997

  • Unproduced Works:

Home, Hearth, and Oreos

  • Academic Articles:

Television themes songs: A content analysis.  Published in Popular Music and Society Volume 16, Issue 1, 1992.

  • Music:

11 original songs recorded and released by the group Seven Years:

Click on the icon to visit the website of Seven Years.

Click on the icon to visit the website of Seven Years.

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Click the icon to sample the songs on iTunes.

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    I look forward to reading your novel! How exciting. Congratulations on such a feat!

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